About the Therapeutic & Medical Device Accelerator

The mission of the Therapeutic and Medical Device Accelerator  is to transform innovative projects from BCH into therapeutic and medical device solutions to significantly improve patient care. The Accelerator supports BCH faculty in the development of translational research towards commercialization in line with BCH’s core values. This support is done through cash and in-kind contributions by the Accelerator. We de-risk selected projects to either facilitate partnerships with industry or create new companies.

The Accelerator’s Internal Funds consist of a combination of two former internal funding sources: the Technology Development Fund (TDF) and the Drugs, Devices and Diagnostic Accelerator (D3A) Award. The Internal Funds support early-stage academic BCH projects to bring them to their next value inflection point. In addition to funding, the Accelerator team members provide industry-level support (milestone-based project management, drug discovery and development expertise, intellectual property, business development) to the selected research teams to help drive the value of their projects.

The Accelerator Internal Funding initiative has the following objectives:

  • Unite similarly existing programs (TDF and D3A) into one comprehensive new funding and supporting structure that will accelerate the development of high value discovery programs;
  • Enhance translation of science into novel and innovative new therapies, devices and diagnostics that meet a significant, unmet medical need for children while doing so in a capital and time efficient manner;
  • Improve commercialization and expedited clinical development awareness and skill among faculty; and
  • Increase value of BCH scientific discoveries and expedite the translation of these into our clinical mission and/or increase return on funding into research for all BCH stakeholders.

Award Types and Funding Levels

Accelerator Funds are directed towards either Therapeutic or Medical Devices/Diagnostics projects. Co-funding from other partners (foundations, government programs, others) is not mandatory but encouraged.

Therapeutic Awards

Therapeutic projects will be managed according to the project plan and funded in line with the activities required to complete predefined milestones, including Go/No Go decision points.

  • Target validation activities: up to $150,000 for up to 12 months
  • Hit identification activities: up to $300,000 for up to 18 months
  • Hit to lead activities: up to $500,000 for up to 18 months
  • Lead optimization and + activities: up to $1,000,000 for up to 24 months

Medical Devices/Diagnostic Awards

Medical Device/Diagnostic projects will be funded at a maximum of $150,000 per project for a period of up to 18 months.

Full information about program eligibility, award types and funding levels, and our funding process can be found funding guidelines.

For information on how to apply, please visit our applications page.