TIDO has helped Boston Children’s entrepreneurs launch successful startups – some of which you can read about here.

You may be interested in starting a company to develop your technology. A few key factors when considering a startup company include:

  • business viability
  • product development risk (often companies in established industries are unwilling to take the risk)
  • potential for multiple products or services from the platform technology (few companies survive on one product alone)
  • sufficiently large competitive advantage and target market
  • potential revenues sufficient to sustain and grow a company
  • interest of the inventor(s)

TIDO will work with you to determine the best way to get a company off the ground and will ensure that your intellectual property is protected. When the time is right, TIDO will negotiate with the company to execute a license or option agreement.

TIDO may be able to provide help in terms of locating prospective management talent, making introductions to potential investors, reviewing and advising on business plans, developing a funding strategy, and engaging experts to work on key gating issues.

Boston Children’s also offers startup resources through the Technology Development Fund and the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator. The Boston area has many other useful resources for starting companies, such as MassBioB-BIC and CIMIT.

Conflict of Interest

The Office of General Counsel and Boston Children’s Conflict of Interest Committee review faculty involvement of any kind in a startup. For more information please see the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Commitment for Harvard Faculty of Medicine.