The invention disclosure form is an ideal way to notify TIDO of a new discovery and allows us to start the evaluation process. The invention disclosure is a written description of your invention or technology and serves as the formal record of your invention. This helps TIDO assess the invention for IP protection, marketing and commercialization. Please note that a disclosure to TIDO is confidential and is not a public disclosure; nor does it protect your invention.

To start the process, fill out an Invention Disclosure Form and email it to us at (or complete it online, see below for more details). Please notify TIDO of an invention before any public disclosures (publications, public meetings, abstracts, etc.) in order to maintain the ability to obtain patent rights.

TIDO is available to discuss your innovation, no matter how early stage. Reach out to us by email to, call us at (617) 919-3019 or contact your department’s licensing manager. Please notify TIDO of an invention before any public disclosures (publications, public meetings, abstracts, etc.) in order to maintain the ability to obtain patent rights.

For more information on how inventions are handled or how proceeds from commercialization are distributed, please review the Boston Children’s Intellectual Property Policy.


Generally, an inventor is an individual who has made a contribution to the conception of the invention. U.S. patent and copyright laws have strict definitions about inventorship and TIDO will work with outside counsel to determine who is an inventor. It is important that the inventorship on a patent is determined correctly or the validity of a patent could be in question. Please note that authorship on a publication is not the same as inventorship. Feel free to contact us at TIDO for clarification on any questions about an invention.

TIDO is currently testing a new invention disclosure intake portal! If you would like to help us test this portal by submitting your disclosure electronically, please visit the portal here. On the landing page, select the option to “Request Account” which will generate an email allowing you to create an account and log in.

The portal disclosure is designed to essentially mirror the paper disclosure, with a few tweaks to accommodate the technology, so should be straightforward enough to not generate any issues and is still requesting the same information as the paper disclosure.

If at any point in the process you encounter issues, please stop (you can save in process) and email and so that we can troubleshoot.

  • Disclose inventions to TIDO by completing the invention disclosure form when you think you have created an invention or discovered something unique with commercial or research value.
  • To avoid risking the loss of your patent rights and hindering the opportunity to market your invention, contact TIDO before having any discussions with people outside of Boston Children’s, including companies or the press.
  • On the invention disclosure form, include companies and contacts you believe might be interested in your invention. More than 70 percent of all licenses are executed with commercial entities known to the inventor.
  • Respond to TIDO and outside patent counsel requests. While some aspects of the patent and licensing process may require significant participation on your part, we will strive to make efficient use of your valuable time.
  • Keep TIDO informed of upcoming publications or interactions with companies related to your invention. In some cases, a confidential disclosure agreement may need to be put in place before a discussion with the company to protect BCH’s patent rights.

TIDO wants every great idea to succeed. Boston Children’s Intellectual Property Policy was created to ensure an equitable distribution of revenues from its intellectual property. When Boston Children’s receives revenue from the licensing of an invention, the revenue first goes to pay back expenses incurred by Boston Children’s such as patent filing costs, licensing costs and litigation costs, as well as any money owed to third-party sponsors, co-owners and co-inventors of the invention. For inventions licensed after January 15, 2015, the rest of the revenue received will be distributed as shown in the table below.

Inventor Inventor’s Research or Education Endeavor Inventor’s Dept. and/or Program Boston Children’s Hospital TIDO
30% 12.5% 12.5% 30% 15%

Disclose your invention to TIDO and list your collaborators. A TIDO representative will meet with you to evaluate the invention and your contribution to it. If we believe that persons from other institutions are inventors as well, TIDO will work with the technology transfer office of the other institution to jointly manage the invention. Typically, a joint invention agreement that defines the rights and responsibilities of each institution, including cost sharing and revenue distribution, is established between the institutions.