Collaborate with Industry

TIDO will connect you with outside industry to create partnerships at all stages of research, development, preclinical and clinical investigation. Some of the ways we work to connect you with your ideal commercial partner are:

  • we create profiles of research and researchers at Boston Children’s that outline recent and ongoing work, future goals and potential areas of collaboration
  • we meet with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, device, informatics and diagnostic companies to understand their R&D areas of interest and goals
  • with proper IP protections in place, we initiate dialogue between Boston Children’s researchers and corporate parties enabling further evaluation for possible collaboration and sponsored research
  • we coordinate scientific meetings for companies with individual and multiple investigators or entire departments for both sides to explore collaboration

If you are a Boston Children’s Hospital investigator with a project that could benefit from partnership with a company in the health care sector, please contact TIDO at

Additional Resources for Funding and Mentorship