FAQs for Business Development and Partnering

What types of corporate partnerships or business opportunities are available at Boston Children’s Hospital?

Our investigators are bringing genomics, proteomics, gene therapy and editing, vaccines, informatics, drug delivery technologies and other cutting-edge disciplines to bear on age-old diseases, including immune disorders, hereditary illness, congenital disorders, and cancers. TIDO provides access to Boston Children’s researchers and their discoveries though exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, collaboration agreements, sponsored research and startup creation. We also explore non-traditional ways of structuring partnerships that allow both the investigator and the partnering company to get the most benefit.

Who do I contact about business opportunities?

Call TIDO at (617) 919-3019 or email TIDO-BD@childrens.harvard.edu.

What technologies does Boston Children’s Hospital have for licensing or co-development?

Boston Children’s has therapeutic, diagnostic, device, software, drug delivery and research tool technologies. A searchable list of technologies available for licensing can be found here..

I am an entrepreneur looking for technologies to develop. How do I find these opportunities at Boston Children’s?

Boston Children’s offers a wide range of platform technologies and IP portfolios to form the basis of a startup company. For information about specific opportunities, please contact our Business Development team at TIDO-BD@childrens.harvard.edu.

Does Boston Children’s have technologies for adult indications?

Yes. Although we are a pediatric hospital, our research labs seek to identify factors that contribute to both childhood and adult diseases—and to develop effective treatments for them.

May I contact investigators directly?

We encourage companies to contact TIDO to talk with an investigator. We can direct you to the appropriate researcher, put the necessary agreements in place and set up a meeting. Call us at (617) 919-3019 or email tido@childrens.harvard.edu.