Irene Abrams

Vice President, Technology Development and New Ventures
(617) 919-3026

Irene is the Vice President of Technology Development and New Ventures at Boston Children’s Hospital, leading the Technology & Innovation Development Office (TIDO). TIDO is responsible for commercializing discoveries and innovations developed by researchers and clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital. Irene is also the Managing Director of the Technology Development Fund.

Prior to joining Boston Children’s, Irene was an Executive Director at Partners Healthcare Innovation, responsible for commercializing technology from Massachusetts General Hospital. Before joining Partners, Irene was the Associate Provost for Innovation at Brandeis University and founded the Brandeis Virtual Incubator. Prior to joining Brandeis, Irene was a Senior Technology Licensing Officer at M.I.T., where she focused on licensing biotech inventions for M.I.T., the Whitehead Institute and the Broad Institute.

Irene did her undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania and her graduate work at the Johns Hopkins University and M.I.T. Irene is the past President of the Massachusetts Association of Technology Transfer Offices, the founder of T3, a networking organization for technology licensing offices from small New England research institutions, and a former Vice President of the Associate of University Technology Managers.