Partnering with industry is the best way to move academic stage discoveries to the market to help patients.. TIDO will work with you to create industry partnerships to help advance your idea. We can arrange for meetings with companies, introduce you to industry leaders, investors, and advisors. TIDO will structure and negotiate agreements with industry partners. We can also help you respond to industry questions and inquiries. Please contact us for any request.

We recommend that discussions with companies be conducted under a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA), especially if the information to be discussed has not yet been published.

Industry Sponsored Research

TIDO connects Boston Children’s investigators and clinicians with industry partners at all stages of research, development, pre-clinical and clinical investigation. We pair researchers with groups that have similar R&D objectives and complementary resources to form successful collaborations.

When a company sponsors research in your lab, TIDO will negotiate an industry sponsored research agreement that will specify the scope of the work to be performed, any rights the company may have to IP coming out of your research, and other terms.

Sponsored research can be meaningful stepping stone in bringing a technology closer to commercialization. These arrangements provide the opportunity for you and a company to vet on another while developing your technology. They can turn into long-term relationships, leading to successful licensing and commercialization of your innovation.

Licensing Your Intellectual Property

Inventions are typically commercialized through a license agreement, a written contract between Boston Children’s and a company that grants the company the rights to development and commercialization products based on Boston Children’s IP. Licensing agreements include financial terms, such as royalty payments, and terms to ensure that the company will commit to developing and commercializing your technology.

TIDO will identify potential licensees for your discovery. We leverage existing relationships of the inventors, TIDO staff, and other researchers and we will pitch your ideas at networking and partnering meetings. The most successful licensing and corporate research funding results are obtained when the inventor and the licensing professional work together as a team to market and pitch the technology/research.

It can take time to license your discovery. Many inventions require additional development before they are mature enough to attract a licensee. TIDO can connect you with resources such as the Therapeutic & Medical Device Accelerator or industry sponsored research funding to further develop your discovery.

TIDO monitors the licensing partner’s progress to ensure that the licensed technology is developed and commercialized effectively. Any revenues generated from the agreement are distributed according to Boston Children’s Intellectual Property Policy.

Confidential Disclosure Agreement 

Please contact TIDO for a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) before discussing your discoveries, inventions, data, hypotheses or research and clinical ideas with industry. A CDA enables the disclosure of confidential information party without losing IP rights.