Advance Your Research

TIDO can help you realize the maximum impact of your ideas in the marketplace and, more importantly, in the lives of patients everywhere. To begin the process, bring us your research findings, digital health technologies and clinical innovations.

Below you will find more information on working with TIDO. Please contact us with any questions.

Invention Disclosure

Submission of an invention disclosure creates a formal record and initiates an assessment of your invention. Disclosure to TIDO well in advance of any public disclosure (such as a meeting presentation or publication) gives your invention the greatest level of protection. Read more about invention disclosure.


Technology Assessment

When we have the completed invention disclosure in hand, we assess the technology with respect to its commercial, intellectual property and market potential. We will work with you and your team closely to develop the best IP, business and commercialization strategy.


Intellectual Property Protection

We will work with you to evaluate the most appropriate intellectual property strategy to maximize the potential for successful commercialization of your discovery. Read more about IP protection.


Marketing and Business Development

We will work with you to identify the right partnerships, develop relationships with companies and increase the likelihood of successful commercialization of your discovery. Read more about business development.



When we find a partner that is interested in developing your invention, we will work with you and the partner to enter into a business arrangement. This often takes the form of a license agreement or an option to the invention, giving them the right to develop the invention further in exchange for a commitment to commercialize your discoveries and share the profits. Read more about licensing.


Therapeutic & Medical Device Accelerator

Sometimes your invention may not be at the right stage for commercialization and may require additional development. TIDO’s Therapeutic & Medical Device Accelerator (TMDA) may be able to help advance the technology and increase the commercial interest. Our funding, arising out of the former Technology Development Fund (TDF) and Drug, Device, & Diagnostics Accelerator (D3A), advances the development of technologies, offers access to industry leaders, and establishes collaborations with contract research organizations (CROs). Read more about the TMDA.


Industry Sponsored Research and Collaboration

You can also advance your early-stage technology by working with industry partners. TIDO will help connect you to the right partner and negotiate the terms for a productive collaboration. Read more about industry sponsorship.