BridgeBio Call for Proposals

Boston Children’s Hospital and BridgeBio, a biotech company targeting genetic disease at the source, are launching a call for proposals as part of a collaboration to fund genetically-targeted translational research. See the attached flyer for full information.

Areas of Interest:
  • Any disease with at least roughly 5,000 patients in the US + EU with a known mutation causing the disease
  • Any approach that directly targets or compensates for the underlying genetic defect (e.g., directly inhibits a gain-of-function protein, replaces a loss-of-function protein)
  • Any therapeutic modality for which there is at least one approved drug
Examples of research eligible for funding (not comprehensive):
  • Earliest phase eligible: A new mutation has been identified with evidence it is a driver of disease, and the investigator has a screening assay for drugs that target the mutated protein
  • Investigator has identified a lead drug that still needs optimization before consideration as a development candidate
  • Investigator has a development candidate that requires funding for IND-enabling studies

For more information about submitting a pre-proposal, please contact Shreya Sawant at


  • Non confidential pre-proposals submitted using the provided template– March 12, 2021
Informational Webinar
Mark your calendars for our informational webinar to learn more about the call for proposals. Webinar information is listed below:
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Time: 3:00PM- 4:00PM EST