Tom Bishop, MS, MBA

Director of Business Development
(617) 919-3048

In his role Director of Business Development, Tom is responsible for shaping and delivering high value license and research collaboration agreements in targeted research areas. Tom engages with KOLS, financial stakeholders, and BCH’s clinical leaders and innovators to jointly shape industrially significant offerings arising from Children’s innovations, research and other capabilities. He develops and implements strategy to optimize the commercial potential of BCH intellectual property assets arising from key and emerging areas of strength.

Tom has been building and growing companies for the past >20 years. He was most recently VP & Head of Business Development for InSphero, a Swiss based startup that forms drug discovery and development partnerships with pharma and biotech companies utilizing its 3D microtissue models, which focus on toxicology, fibrosis & NASH liver disease models, diabetes, and oncology.

He has held various roles including co-founder, CEO, COO, and CBO, and has led numerous companies to commercialize technology and achieve exits via acquisition and IPO. Tom holds an MS in Biotechnology from the Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.