Tamar Alon, PhD, MBA

Director of Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Tamar is leading a team of licensing managers and strategic alliances and marketing specialists. She is responsible for strategic business development, licensing, building novel academic-industry strategic partnerships and marketing at the institutional level.

Tamar is working with the hospital leadership and the Chief Scientific Officer to develop and implement new strategic initiatives impacting the translation of innovative research toward novel treatments for the benefit of patients. She is also leading the development of novel strategies and procedures at the institutional level to advance an integrated biomedical innovation management including novel framework for technology evaluation, advancement and commercialization.

Tamar has a broad leadership experience in technology and business development of early stage biomedical innovation from research to commercialization in academic and industry settings. Her expertise includes building value via technology development, strategic partnerships, business development, licensing and new ventures. In her recent role, she was a Chief Business Development Officer at a biotech company. Previously, she served for six years as a Vice President of Business Development, Therapeutics and Diagnostics at Hadasit Medical Research Services & Development, the technology transfer and commercial arm of the Hadassah Medical Center in Israel providing leadership and direction to all aspects of technology and innovation development at the institutional level. She has led basic and translational research programs across therapeutic areas and held various leadership roles in the Biopharma industry including a Director of Innovative Technologies at Teva Pharmaceuticals. Tamar holds a PhD, Summa Cum Laude, in Molecular Biology and an MBA both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her Nature Medicine paper in the field of Vascular Biology was included in the list of landmark papers from the last 80 years in the field of Angiogenesis by the Nature Journal. She was a HHMI postdoctoral fellow for six years at the Rockefeller University in New York focusing on metabolic research.