Aida Herrera Gutierrez, PhD

Licensing Manager
(617) 919-3015

Aida joined the Technology & Innovation Development Office at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2016. She is responsible for managing intellectual property and commercializing technologies arising from the departments of Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Dentistry, Developmental Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology/Nutrition, Nursing/Patient Care Operations, Otolaryngology, Pharmacy, Plastic & Oral Surgery, Psychiatry, Radiology and SimPeds.

Prior to joining TIDO, Aida worked for over 5 years in business development and licensing at the Schepens Eye Research Institute/Massachusetts Eye and Ear, managing projects in ophthalmology and otolaryngology. Earlier in her career, she worked as a technology specialist focused on patent prosecution in the biotechnological, chemical, and mechanical arts. Aida holds a BS in chemistry from the University of Chicago, a PhD in chemistry from Tufts University and completed postdoctoral research work in the Biological Engineering Division at M.I.T and Chemistry Department at Northeastern.