Pain management

First-in-class therapies and biomarkers modulate the BH4 (tetrahydrobiopterin) pathway to manage neuropathic and inflammatory pain.




Neosaxitoxin: Prolonged duration local anesthetic

A site 1 sodium channel blocker that provides prolonged nerve blockade and offers a safe and effective alternative to currently available local anesthetics. The technology is licensed to Grünenthal.




Metastatic cancer therapeutic

Prosaposin A peptides act as anti-metastasis therapeutics. The technology is licensed to a startup company.




Intravenous oxygen for critical care

A microparticle technology that delivers oxygen intravenously to keep patients oxygenated during cardiac arrest.




Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) for regenerative medicine

Small molecules that allow for the maintenance and expansion of HSCs ex-vivo for transplant into patients with life-threatening disorders.




The multiple antigen presentation system (MAPS) platform

This novel vaccine platform elicits both B and T cell-mediated immune responses and offers the possibility of broad protection. The technology is licensed to Affinivax.




Test for acute appendicitis

Urine biomarkers predict acute appendicitis. The technology is licensed to Astute Medical.


Medical Devices

The Pediatric Vision Scanner (PVS)

PVS is an optical device that allows rapid detection of several serious eye conditions, such as amblyopia and strabismus, in young children. The PVS is licensed to Rebion.




BEAR (bridge-enhanced ACL repair)

BEAR is a new approach for repair of torn ACLs that stimulates the healing of a patient’s own ACL using a sponge-like scaffold. The technology is licensed to a Boston Children’s startup.




Surgical tools for cardiac interventions

The tools include a port for trans-cardiac procedures and a leaflet plication clip for repair of mitral valve prolapse. The tools are licensed to Nido Surgical.




New approach and device to treat sepsis

A hemofiltration device selectively modulates the immune system to treat sepsis.




Digital Health

The Audiohub

The audiology software application captures patient data in real time on an iPad and stores it on the EMR to facilitate workflow in the clinic.


The application engages its users in issues of drug safety, provides safety advisories and enables reporting of adverse drug events. The technology is licensed to Epidemico.




Trivox Health

This disease management platform allows real-time tracking and management of patients’ disease symptoms.

OPENPediatrics™: Virtual Dialysis Simulator

The dialysis simulator is a web-based education tool designed to promote knowledge exchange between clinicians caring for children in need of dialysis around the world.