Ryan Dietz, JD

Senior Licensing Manager
(617) 919-3048

Ryan joined Technology & Innovation Development Office at Boston Children’s in 2012 and is responsible for managing the intellectual property and agreement transactions for the Programs in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Prior to joining TIDO, Ryan was the Director of the Office of Technology Development for the Immune Disease Institute, Inc. (IDI), which became the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine through a merger with Boston Children’s Hospital.

Ryan has more than 16 years of experience in multiple facets of technology development, collaboration building and company formation. While at IDI, Ryan oversaw all aspects of technology management and licensing within a productive and highly regarded research organization. He established a five-year discovery alliance with a multi-national pharma partner serving as architect, negotiator and alliance manager. Ryan has also supported several start-up company formations by producing business models and supporting the founders of several well-known start-up companies.